About Me

Curious about the why and how Philanthropy Marketing started? Keep reading to learn more!


To focus on the quality of life   + the love of humanity

Helping others has been deeply embedded in me from a young age. As I was growing up, I would often volunteer at a local food pantry and go above the required amount of volunteer service hours needed for the National Honors Society. This passion for helping others didn't stop after high school. At the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, I spent some time helping out Habitat for Humanity and volunteering at the Hands on Oshkosh events almost every semester.

I was often told that it was a waste of time to volunteer because it didn't pay the bills. I was always uncomfortable with that mindset. I love the idea of helping others in need without expecting any back in return and it never felt like a waste of time. Non-profits have always interested me because they often have the same mindset. These organizations are focused on making positive impacts on the community. Another positive impression in the community is local, small businesses. They help drive the local economy and are often the ones sponsoring events to help others.

While taking the advice on finding something sustainable enough to pay the bills and combining my love for non-profits and small businesses, I created Philanthropy Marketing. I would love to help optimize social media and create websites to reflect the missions of these businesses and organizations. If this speaks to you, contact me! We can sit down at a local coffee shop and discuss how I can help you.

Crystarra Batten | Head Philanthropist