Understanding the Google Monster - Part 1

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

understanding the google monster

An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Love it or hate it. If there is one king of the Internet, it’s the Google Monster. That being said, if you want to be found in the search results, you need to make the Google Monster happy. He is a picky little guy & requires some maintenance, BUT if you do what he asks, he will help you out.

The top two things he looks for is relevancy in your website’s content and its authority. Relevancy is how closely related to the keywords someone is searching for. Your authority is reliability of the information on your website. These two things are the tip of the iceberg that digital marketers know as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Just as the name sounds, you’re trying to optimize your website so search engines like Google can find you.

There is no overnight formula to get your website ranked first (especially organically) and it will take some time. The formula also changes frequently because Google is always trying to come up with more defined results. There have been companies who tried to trick the system, but it never ends in their favor. Take a look at J.C.Penney, for a real-life example.

Since SEO is such a broad and difficult topic, I will be breaking it down into five more parts. This week I wanted to just introduce you to the topic. I want my future posts to motivate you to apply the topics to your own website and content, so you can crush it in the online world.


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